Thursday, January 26, 2017

Primary Mechanisms of Muscle Growth

Based in New York, Anthony Courcy is a restaurant general manager and training coach for KFC Restaurants. In this role, he hires and trains managers for 15 New York stores. In his free time, Anthony Courcy enjoys weight lifting and bodybuilding

Those who begin weight lifting are often hoping to develop and build stronger muscles. There are three primary ways to affect natural muscle growth: muscle tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress. All three involve putting more stress on the muscle and disrupting homeostasis but there are differences between them. 

Muscle tension involves lifting progressively heavier weights in order to change the chemistry of the muscle and positively affect the connection of motor units with muscle cells. Muscle damage, which is the soreness felt after an effective workout, releases inflammatory molecules and immune system cells that activate other cells to repair the muscles. Finally, metabolic stress, which is the burn felt during a workout, causes cell swelling around the muscle, which results in muscle growth without increasing the size of the muscle cells.

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